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Give Online Today! Faith, Hope and Love - MP3
List Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
What Manner of Man is This? - MP3 Sound Code and The Spirit Part 1- MP3
List Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
Price: $3.99
Sound Code and The Spirit Part 2- MP3 3 Kinds of Knowledge Part 1
Price: $3.99
Price: $4.00
In this very enlightening series, Pastor Chris explains the three different kinds of revelation knowledge, how they affect us and what we can do with them.
Learn about:
  • GINOSKO -The complete revelation that is void of assumption, and its superiority and contradistinction with "Gnosis" knowledge based on intellectual ability.
  • EIDO - Knowledge with awareness; absolute divine knowledge that requires no revelation or outside information!  
  • EPIGNOSIS - Full and exact knowledge; a revelation with participation!
Discover how to operate in the fullness of God, and become a master over life’s circumstances by functioning with “EPIGNOSIS” the knowledge that makes us masters!
3 Kinds of Wisdom Part 1 The Anointing of the Spirit Part 1
Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
Your success in life depends on the level of wisdom, God's wisdom, that you function in.  Join Pastor Chris in this incisive teaching as he expounds on the 3 Kinds of Wisdom available to the child of God.
  • The Wisdom that comes with the gift of salvation
  • The Wisdom that causes you to deal wisely and have good success
  • The Wisdom of God that produces an excellent mind set
Learn how to activate these deep truths on Wisdom that is guaranteed to put you on the fast track of life.
Take hold of the anointing of the Spirit and walk in constant victory as you learn in this message how Pastor Chris transfers the anointing of the Spirit that will catapult you into God’s presence.  Experience unspeakable joy as you learn to function with the special grace of God that will bring about a change in your life.
Anything is Possible Part 1 The Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Love of God and The Communion of The Holy Ghost Part 1
Price: $4.00
Price: $4.00
Is it possible for you to set yourself on a new course in life?  Is it possible to give life to any situation?  In this classic message with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome get to discover
  • When faith is faith
  • Why faith doesn't fail
  • How to work out your salvation
  • How to talk yourself to the top
  • How to make the word work for you
  • How to turn all impossibilities to possibilities
In this riveting series, Pastor Chris expounds on the meaning and unveils the deep truths and revelation in the most popular closing prayer, " The Benediction."
"The Grace of the Lord Jesus Chris, the Love of God, and the Communion of the Holy Ghost."
There's more to this prayer than the signal of the end of a service.  It's the Spirit's prayer.  It's a blessing.
In this message you will learn and discover:
  • The real meaning of the Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • How to be positioned rightly by the Grace for promotion in life
  • How to bask and rest in God's love for protection
  • True fellowship and communion with the precious Holy Spirit
Connect with this "Great Blessing"of the Spirit and watch your life soar form glory to glory!